Transition Manager™ from HumanConcepts provides a secure end-to-end solution for managing ongoing or event-based employee separations or reductions in force (RIF).


About Transition Manager™

Workforce transitions, such as reorganizations, restructuring, reduction in force (RIF) or M&A (mergers and acquisitions) are difficult. The best scenario is to move through the planning, decision, notification and separation phases quickly and consistently with clear communications and process control.

Delays or miscommunications can quickly damage morale for the remaining employees, increase confusion, and create potential legal consequences that can be costly and have long-term impact to an organization’s reputation and financial health.

Transition Manager is designed to manage the processes around ongoing or event-based workforce separations, moving them forward smoothly and consistently so the impacted group can quickly return to business-as-usual.

As a powerful web-based solution to effectively manage restructuring, downsizing, RIFs, outsourcing, off-shoring, ongoing alignments, mergers and acquisitions, divestitures and voluntary separation events, Transition Manager enables organizations to meet financial targets, mitigate risk and identify key employees for retention.


Transition Manager™ Capabilities

Capturing best practices of the Fortune 100, Transition Manager is the standard for managing workforce separation events. Transition Manager facilitates decision making, streamlines processes and manages workflow to handle workforce separations and RIFs in a structured, organized manner. 


Purpose-built to manage employee separations and transitions, it provides the best practice methodology absent from in-house solutions.


With Transition Manager, you can make the most informed, consistent decisions throughout a workforce separation event. 


Transition Manager supports: 

  • Event planning allowing you to define voluntary and involuntary events, quantitative event objectives, milestones, status and history tracking and workflow management;
  • Event organization in which you identify who is eligible for voluntary RIF and involuntary RIF and set roles in event management;
  • Decision assistance supporting population of consideration assessments  and fact-based decision making; 
  • Notification of affected employees via detailed information and personalized portals;
  • Separation management for producing packages and tracking activities, and reporting that provides financial, legal, compliance and transparency.


Transition Manager™ Benefits

Workforce transitions place companies at risk. If managed incorrectly or without regulatory compliance, RIFs, outplacements or layoffs could prove extremely costly. Transition Manager helps to mitigate risks, including legal, compliance, personnel and more.

Without decision consistency and the audit trail to prove it, wrongful termination lawsuits become costly quickly. Transition Manager customers have carried out RIFs large and small without a single legal action. Transparency into decision making, proactive reporting and full audit trails combine to create a fact-based, defensible position that eliminates arguments before they begin.

The WARN Act, Adverse Impact, Age Distribution, ADEA, Union Labor Contracts, SOX 404 policy, Older Workers Benefit Protection Act, and other regulations prescribe specific analysis, reporting and notification.  Regulatory compliance is fraught with details that, if missed, could lead to legal action.  Transition Manager mitigates risk with pre-defined reports and metrics that instantly analyze regulatory impact of proposed RIFs.

Understanding whether the proposed changes will meet cost reduction targets is critical. Transition Manager enables organizations to reduce and avoid costs through event analysis and monitoring, eliminating off-payroll delays, avoiding mistaken overpayment and reducing administrative costs.